Superior Tree and Grass Care Services

At Exterior Designs, we strive to ensure your yard is the envy of your neighbors- with pristine green grass and pest-free trees.   
  • Free your yard of geese using natural products that don't kill your lawn
  • Reduce dog spots on your lawn with all-natural and pet safe gypsum
  • Prevent Maple Scale tree pests and save your trees with preventative treatment
  • Save your ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer with our annual preventative treatment

Use Weed and Feed for Greener Lawns

Get golf course green lawns with weed and feed. The grass will be thicker, filled in, and dark green with this application.
Our licensed applicators help control weeds. We recommend two applications for non-irrigated lawns and 2 to 4 for irrigated lawns. We offer discounts to weed and feed customers when they make referrals.
Preparing for weed and feed:
  • Call to get a FREE estimate
  • Keep your lawn green all summer with our summer program
  • Consult with our experts so we can provide custom service
  • Mow prior to application for best results
 What to know after applying weed and feed:
  • Do not water your lawn for 24 hours
  • Do not mow your lawn for 48 hours
  • Keep children and pets off the lawn until it is dry

Get Healthier Grass With Aerification

Get greener, more resilient grass with our deep-tine aerification.
Aeration allows your lawn to have better drainage, deeper penetration for fertilizers, improved plant rooting, aided thatch growth, and increased stress tolerance.
Preparing for deep-tine aerification:
  • Do not use growth retardants three to four weeks prior
  • Fertilize 5 to 7 days prior at half the normal rate
  • Top dress lightly with normal mix
 What to know after your lawn has undergone aerification:
  • Top dress with normal mix
  • Fertilize at half the normal rate
  • Irrigate after topdressing then water for 4 to 7 minutes
  • Mow your lawn without baskets for the first day or two
For preventative tree treatment, get in touch with us today at 

"We're happy with the landscaping we had done. Everyone was great and we have had many compliments."

- Richard and Sharon B.

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